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Amber Lounge

Amber Lounge is the World's most exclusive Grand Prix after party. Attended by F1 drivers, film stars, musicians, models and more. Following the Grand Prix around the world, Amber Lounge will host their bespoke events in Monaco, Singapore, Delhi and Abu Dhabi during 2012. Amber Lounge Fashion was launched in 2006 in Monaco under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco. Amber Lounge Fashion unites the worlds of Formula One and Fashion on one catwalk. International designers showcase their collections alongside the F1 drivers under the intense eyes of the media. To date Amber Lounge has raised over 2.5 million Euros for notable charities. Amber Lounge Hospitality has 15 years of experience creating unique VIP experiences around the F1 Grand Prix. With direct links to the world of Formula One, we offer unrivaled access to the most exclusive hospitality - paddock club, corporate suites, hotels, transfers and F1 driver appearances. EBCS is the official partner for Amber Lounge in Mumbai. More details at

Mercedes Benz World Catwalk India

The 'Mercedes-Benz World Catwalk India' connects fashion across boundaries, by providing Indian designers with an opportunity to showcase internationally. The first edition of the event was held in Mumbai in 2011 with prominent London-based international designers - PPQ, Mark Fast, Issa, Felder Felder and Todd Lynn. In addition the highly acclaimed Indian design duo, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna exhibited their latest collection. The Indian Chairs included, designer Aki Narula, choreographer Marc Robinson, Sujal Shah - CEO of FREECULTR and Emmanuel Balayer - CEO & Founder of Emmanuel Balayer Consultancy Services (EBCS). The next edition of the Mercedes-Benz World Catwalk India is scheduled in mid-2012.

CPP-Luxury (Business of Luxury)

CPP-LUXURY (Business of Luxury) was launched in February 2009 with the aim of creating an informational and educational tool for both luxury industry companies and consumers, with an emphasis on emerging markets. A significant portion of the editorials are produced internally, most of them utilizing extensive in-house research. CPP-Luxury content and editorials are critical, objective and concise; and in most cases are industry exclusives. In India, EBCS is CPP-Luxury's exclusive partner, that provides critical insights into the luxury industry of the Indian Sub-continent. More details at

Daniel Feau

Daniel FEAU Conseil Immobilier was founded in 1945 and is an exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate. Its service suite includes sale of apartments / private mansions on behalf of private clients, marketing of new or old apartments and residential buildings on behalf of institutional concerns and various professional client owners and various other sale / rental services for manors / historic dwellings and other superior properties. More details at

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