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Entrust the development of your brand to EBCS, you will gain time and efficiency, reduce your costs and you will activate a better response to your business development needs.

You can focus on the creation / design of the collections in which you must spend most of your time, while keeping control of business objectives and market information.

With more than 15 years in the fashion field, EBCS is composed of a team of professionals in the fashion industry / luxury and that are specialists in the development of strategies, marketing activities, PR. If your brand is located in India, EBCS can manage your brand in France but also be your personal representative office located in Paris. We will introduce and promote your brand into stores and will assist you during fashion fairs, photo shoots and one-to-one meetings with prospective buyers / partners.


After studying the existing positioning of your brand and your product range, EBCS advises and provides the following services:

  • Establish the terms and conditions (GTC), your whole sale prices, conditions of sale, document facilitating your listing with multi-brand stores, retail chains and department stores (such as Le Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette, le Printemps);

  • Define a marketing strategy, branding adapted to french market;

  • Supervise/Design the look books, catalogs, brochures but also if required model castings and photo shoots of your collections;

  • Negotiate the referencing of your products, pricing conditions, settlement, promotions, PR activities;

  • Organization of commercial and promotional events, pop-up stores in France;

  • Find and select your sales agents internationally if required;

  • Ensure compliance with negotiated trade agreements;

  • Report and feedback information about your products but also competition, especially on the evolution of the market, adapting your collections on target markets;

  • Maintain a strong relationship with buyers and participate in trade shows in France and around the world;


Multiple solutions are proposed, adapted to the profile of your brand and position your business development.

  1. Exclusive
    We only develop your brand and only your brand for the segment: Women / men / accessories / decoration, in targeted selected stores

  2. Without exclusivity
    We represent your brand along with brands of the same segment: Women / men / accessories / decoration, in targeted selected stores

  • Package A – Short term:We identify with your brand the sales actions to be performed (buyers contacts search, selection mailing (follow-up calls), trade show, show room presentation…) over a period from four to six months or one season.
    To request a quote: eb@emmanuelbalayer.com

  • Package B – Middle term:We define specifications and comprehensive action plan with all the tasks to be performed (buyers contacts, prospecting activities, trade shows, showroom presentation, PR activities) for sales & marketing support from six to twelve months)
    To request a quote: eb@emmanuelbalayer.com

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