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A strategic branding and marketing firm, our specialty is developing premium and upscale brands. Our approach is graceful yet voracious. While that means different things to different clients, they all agree on this: EBCS delivers results far beyond the scope of traditional marketing.

Simply put, we place business acumen at the forefront of all our engagements. To do otherwise would land a brand in the squishy realm of pretty pictures and wishful thinking.

Our agency continues to occupy a space unto ourselves at the intersection of deep business expertise and marketing experience. It's the mastery of that space that continues to make us a valuable asset to our clients. 

Our big idea is simple: We believe business is done between people and not companies. It's a difference that our clients take notice of right from the get-go.


Our Forte

Your brand is not what you say it is. It's what they say it is. More importantly, it's what they feel in their gut about what you stand for and affect their lives. More than ever before, luxury brands must embrace this fact and deeply connect in ways to evoke emotion and create a relevant and compelling experience.

EBCS brings to the table a deep understanding of your business landscape (the buyer's mindset and needs, the sales process, the competition) and a proven track record for delivering fresh, spot-on marketing that springs directly from your brand's core values.

Everything we do works to heighten your sense of value in the customer's heart. We create multiple touch points across a spectrum of media surrounding your customer every day. It's storytelling on a very large scale. And it hits the emotional hot buttons of your customer.

In a way, your story takes on a life of its own and becomes part of your customer's cultural landscape. We've all known and loved brands like that. They're iconic parts of our lives that evoke memories, help define who we are, where we came from and whom we shared our lives with.

The way we accomplish this feat for your brand is through seamless integration of Branding, Marketing and Design geared towards the affluent consumer.

Our clients discover the depth of talent and expertise they'd expect to find in a larger agency, plus personal attention and project leadership from company principals on every engagement.


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